This web site honors the proud history of the Steubenville Catholic Central Crusaders football team. It has statistics and photographs of teams from 1930 to the present, organized by player and season. It has season summaries, including game summaries and rosters for each season. It also has a page for each player containing photos, statistics, and even links to pages of family members (brothers, fathers, sons, grandfathers, grandsons) who were players. In short, it has something for everyone.

This site would not have been possible without the contributions of a number of people. Dave Mosti and Mike Lemal provided valuable feedback throughout the development cycle, and Athletic Director Steve Daley provided timely information for the 2010 season. Among the contributors are John Lemal, Dave Mosti, Mike Giovannone, Renee Potenzini, Mario Saggio and Nick Saggio (who loaned me programs and news clippings from the 1993 championship team). Special thanks are due to David Moitis, who loaned me his impressive collection of Central sports memorabilia from the early 70's (including the 1971 state championship team). I also wish to thank my family for their support, and also extend appreciation to the helpful staff at the Schiappa Branch of the Public Library of Steubenville who assisted with my many hours of research spent there.

An undertaking of this scope does not come together quickly, and for that reason this site is still very much a work in progress. Many of the seasons prior to 1954 have yet to be completed. Photographs and player biographies will be added at regular intervals.

Please feel free to send comments to

Mario Annibaldi
CCHS class of 1975
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